Manasseh Azure shares some powerful lessons as he recounts his life ordeal

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Manasseh Azure Awuni, a well-known Ghanaian investigative journalist and Editor-in-Chief of The Fourth Estate, recently shared some valuable life lessons that we can all learn from.

In 2001, Manasseh completed junior high school with the highest grades in the Krachi District. He had hoped for a miracle that would allow him to attend Tamale Senior High School (Tamasco), but his father couldn’t afford the transportation costs. Instead, he had to choose a school in Kete-Krachi.

Despite the setback, Manasseh’s teachers recognized his potential and encouraged his father to send him to a better senior high school. However, Manasseh still held onto the hope that something miraculous would happen and change his father’s mind.

After completing senior high school, pursuing a degree seemed out of reach for Manasseh. But through hard work and saving money from a job, he was able to pay his admission fees until his elder brother got a job and provided further assistance.

These experiences have taught Manasseh not to take his achievements for granted and to recognize the role of grace and blessings in his journey. He believes that hard work is important, but there are many hardworking individuals who don’t achieve the level of success he has.

Manasseh also emphasizes the importance of embracing the blessings that come from not getting exactly what you want. His involvement in the drama club at Krachi SHS and his subsequent love for writing and journalism may not have happened if he had attended a different school. He has learned that detours and unexpected paths can lead to incredible opportunities.

Furthermore, Manasseh highlights the significance of paying your dues to society and not always expecting a straight journey to your dreams. Sometimes, the process may take longer or move in unexpected directions, but it can ultimately lead to growth and success.

Setting priorities right is another valuable lesson Manasseh shares. Instead of immediately accepting a trip to the United States as a prize for winning Journalist of the Year, Manasseh requested equipment to enhance their career. This decision proved beneficial, as they later had the opportunity to visit the US through the International Visitor Leadership Programme.

Lastly, Manasseh encourages everyone to never give up, even in the face of difficulties. Their own experiences of overcoming challenges and witnessing the progress of others with difficult backgrounds serve as a reminder that giving up is not an option.


Source: Manasseh Azure


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