Man Consumes Paint and Weedicide After Wife Threatened to End Relationship

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In a harrowing turn of events, a man in his forties, identified as Kweku Mensah, known locally as Allee, tragically took his own life after consuming paint and weedicide, following a dispute with his wife threatening to end their relationship. The incident occurred in Assin Bosomadwe, situated within the Assin South District of the Central Region.

According to reports compiled by Kasapa News Yaw Boagyan, the deceased, Kweku Mensah, was a seasoned professional mason who had been plying his trade for a considerable period. However, tensions arose between him and his wife, culminating in her expressing intentions to terminate their marriage.

On the fateful evening of Tuesday, April 16, 2023, tragedy struck when Kweku Mensah was discovered lifeless in his room by a tenant. The tenant had heard alarming sounds emanating from Kweku’s quarters and rushed to investigate, only to find the distressing scene of Kweku lying motionless beside a container suspected to contain weedicide, commonly known as quart, and paint. Foamy residue around his mouth indicated that he had ingested the lethal concoction.

This incident marks the first of its kind in the area, leaving the community stunned and in disbelief. Prompt action was taken to transport Kweku Mensah to the Abura Dunkwa Government Hospital, yet tragically, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding Kweku Mensah’s death have been initiated by the Abura Dunkwa Police Station. Initial findings suggest a history of marital discord between Kweku and his wife, often escalating into heated arguments and altercations. It is suspected that these ongoing issues may have contributed to Kweku’s decision to take his own life.

The body of the deceased has been transferred to the Abura Dunkwa Government Hospital Mortuary, where it will undergo autopsy procedures to ascertain the exact cause of death and gather further evidence for the ongoing investigation.

This distressing incident serves as a poignant reminder of the devastating consequences of unresolved marital conflicts and underscores the importance of seeking support and assistance during times of emotional turmoil. The community mourns the loss of Kweku Mensah and extends its condolences to his family and loved ones during this difficult period.

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