How do you quickly recognize a manipulative person?

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A manipulative person is someone who reaches his or her goals at the expense of other people by using them.

How do you quickly recognize a manipulative person?


1. They appear to be “too much caring “. If you are getting too much attention from a stranger then take a pause often and evaluate.

2. A standard technique they apply is whenever you ask them anything which you find suspicious they will start blaming you. Blame Game is a great tool they use to divert questioning.

3. To gain brownie points they will slowly instigate you against your closed ones . You start suspecting your closed ones.

4. Most of the manipulators are good communicators. Not the vice versa always though. They know how to extract your thoughts without revealing anything about others .

5. Most of the manipulators tell emotional stories which are often lie or fictional. You start empathizing and then you fall into trap. When someone tells you such stories from beginning then take a pause.

6. They will again and again say you “how close they are to you” even though you just met them few days ago or have interacted few times before . If you feel that superimposing vibe wait for a while.

7. Most of the manipulators show their real colours only after a while and soon they will ask you for big favours.


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