Fear of public speaking and how to deal with it

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Shaking hands, confused speech, dry throat – familiar sensations?
Here are some simple and effective tricks to help you feel more confident and perform great in public.

1. Write out a detailed speech plan for yourself, so you stick to structure and save time on the speech itself.R

2. Remember 2 simple numbers – 80 and 20. Women look more feminine if they use more facial expressions than gestures in their non-verbal communication. Men, on the contrary, should have more gestures. Observing this simple proportion, you will appear more harmonious and confident, and the audience will like you more.

3. To speak confidently and beautifully – learn how to breathe correctly. There is a special technique of breathing “diaphragm”, which allows you to make your voice more voluminous and less tired during long speeches.

The main advice is to adopt the experience of the best speakers.


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