Disability Charity Warns Manchester United Fans of Damaging Consequences of Fans Posing as Disabled

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Disability charity Scope has issued a strong warning to Manchester United fans who have been posing as disabled supporters in order to gain access to away matches. Scope has condemned this behavior, highlighting the damaging consequences it has for genuine disabled fans.

The Scam:

Scope has received multiple allegations of non-disabled Manchester United fans turning up in wheelchairs to matches using tickets allocated to disabled supporters. These fans are reportedly using forged or borrowed disability badges to gain access to the stadium.

Consequences for Disabled Fans:

Scope has emphasized that this scam has serious consequences for genuine disabled fans. When non-disabled fans take up spaces allocated to disabled supporters, it can lead to:

• Disabled fans being unable to attend matches or having to sit in less accessible areas.
• A decrease in the number of tickets available to disabled fans.
• A loss of trust between disabled fans and the club.

Impact on the Club:

Manchester United has also been criticized for its handling of this issue. The club has been accused of not doing enough to prevent non-disabled fans from posing as disabled supporters. This has led to calls for the club to implement stricter measures to verify the authenticity of disability badges.

Scope’s Recommendations:

Scope has called on Manchester United to take the following steps to address this issue:

• Implement a robust system to verify the authenticity of disability badges.
• Increase the number of stewards at away matches to monitor the use of disabled access.
• Educate fans about the importance of respecting disabled access.
• Work with disability organizations to develop a strategy to prevent this scam from happening in the future.

Scope’s warning highlights the seriousness of the issue of non-disabled fans posing as disabled supporters. This scam has damaging consequences for genuine disabled fans and undermines the integrity of the sport. Manchester United and other football clubs must take immediate action to address this problem and ensure that disabled fans have equal access to matches.

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