(APOLLO)  Conjunctivitis  Treatment: An Overview

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Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, is the inflammation or infection of the external membrane of the eye sphere and the interior of the eyelid. It can be caused by allergies, bacterial or viral infections, and is often highly contagious through direct contact with infected eye secretions. The symptoms include redness, itching, tearing, and possible discharge or crusting around the eyes. Prompt and appropriate treatment is essential to alleviate symptoms, prevent spread, and accelerate healing.

Treatment Regimen:

1. Boric Acid / Sodium Borate Eyewash (e.g., DACUDOSES)
Dosage: Eye cleaning three times a day
Quantity: One box of 24 single-use doses

2. Non-Woven Sterile Compresses (5 x 5 cm)
Usage: Use for eye care
Quantity: Two boxes of 10, each containing 2 sterile compresses

3. Rifamycine Eye Drops (Collyre 1MU/100mL)
Dosage: Administer 2 drops four times a day in the affected eye for 7 days

4. Rifamycine Ointment
Application: Apply once a day before bedtime for 7 days

Additional Tips for Conjunctivitis Management:

Hygiene: Maintain proper hygiene by washing hands frequently, avoiding touching the eyes, and using separate towels and linens.

Avoid Contact Lenses: Refrain from wearing contact lenses until the infection resolves to prevent exacerbation.

Warm Compresses: To alleviate discomfort, consider using warm compresses on the affected eye.

Avoid Eye Rubbing: Prolonged eye rubbing can worsen symptoms and spread the infection.

Importance of Completing Treatment:

Completing the prescribed treatment course is crucial to ensure the eradication of the infection, alleviate symptoms effectively, and prevent recurrence. Even if symptoms improve, it’s important to follow the full course of medication to ensure complete recovery and reduce the risk of complications.

Seeking Medical Advice:

If symptoms worsen, persist beyond the treatment period, or if there is severe pain or vision changes, it’s vital to seek medical attention promptly. A healthcare provider can assess the condition, provide further treatment if needed, and offer guidance on managing conjunctivitis effectively.

By adhering to the prescribed treatment regimen, practicing good hygiene, and seeking medical advice as necessary, individuals can effectively combat conjunctivitis, relieve discomfort, and promote a speedy recovery. Remember, prioritizing eye health and following through with treatment recommendations are key steps in managing and overcoming pink eye successfully.




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