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The people of Asankrangwa and its environs have recently been complaining about frequent power outages without prior notice. According to the people, the light goes on and off for a while before it finally goes off for hours with no explanation from the Asankrangwa branch of the electricity company. As many people use electrical appliances for business purposes and personal stuff, they complained bitterly about the adverse effects it has on them.

A concerned youth group in Asankrangwa, WAWOSA, which comprises of the the old students of Wassa Amenfi West, took it upon themselves to probe further to find out the possible solution to the problem at hand. As such, they met with the ECG officials which was spearheaded by Mr. Mark Coleman at about 11:19 a.m. on Tuesday, 16 May 2023.

From the meeting, the officials made it known that the frequent power outage problems are a result of problems interconnected with other districts thus, Ellembele, Wassa East and Wassa Central.
He went further to cite that about the 23000 customers within the area have individual challenges with cable faults being the major interconnected one.
He also spoke about bamboo growing under electrical lines which causes fuse damage once they come into contact. Since these electrical lines’ weeding contracts are given from Takoradi, the regional capital, it appears to be hard to get them regularly to clear the bushes under the lines.

The pressure group also probed further into bills issued to customers as this municipality makes use of post-paid meters. Some individuals pay more than they use and this according to Mr. Nimakoh (the ECG Manager), results from the fact that workers enter data mistakenly. Network issues, some meters coinciding with existing ones and the machine estimating for residents without prior reading are all contributing factors.

Having an almost long book of explanation, they made known the measures they are taking to curb this rampant issue and to bring a trusting bond between the officers and the customers. With this, the officials urged the community to support the ECG personnel as they will also embark on an occasional staff talk.

Finally, the general public is to be made aware of the disconnection of the Akua Donkor meters. Any resident that uses the mentioned meter should visit the office to buy the legal ones at 840 Cedis.
There should also be a check basis for officials who come to customers’ homes to check on their meters as they will have to show an identity card.
In a bid to help the electricity company, education of the people on electricity and its matters will go on on radios and moving vans to keep the general public posted.



Story by Eugenia Wimbe


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