6 stages of turning an idea into money.

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Stage No. 1 – defining the goal.

Today we are talking about money, so the goal should be monetary. How much money do you want to have? Think about this question carefully! It’s not enough to tell yourself “I want a lot of money,” you need to indicate the exact amount! The number is very important!

Stage No. 2 – victim.

Tell yourself what are you willing to do to get your money?.  What are you willing to sacrifice? Watching TV? By reading? As the saying goes, “You can’t make an omelette without breaking the eggs.” No matter how hard you try, you will have to sacrifice something.

Stage No. 3 – deadline.

If you set yourself a goal – to receive $3000 a month and believe in it, believe me, it will happen, but when? You must have an idea of ​​when you want to receive your money and the clearer this idea is, the better for you! If you don’t set a deadline, then you will achieve your goal… when? Maybe 70 years old? Do you want this?

Stage No. 4 – planning.

It’s enough to say, I want to earn $3000 a month. You need to create a specific plan of action to fulfil your desire. Once the plan is drawn up, start acting immediately! There is no need for phrases like “I will start implementing the plan in a week,” start right today and now! It doesn’t matter at all whether you are ready to implement it or not, start taking action!

Stage No. 5 – write everything down on paper.

Write down all the previous points on paper. The plan should be as detailed as possible. You will see that the more detailed your plan, the greater your faith in yourself and your goals!

Stage No. 6 – repeat every day!

After you have completed the remaining 5 points from this list, let’s move on to the last one. Even though it is the last, there is nothing complicated about it.
Before you go to bed and after waking up from sleep, take your notes and read them out loud, sincerely believing in what you wrote. Believe and feel that the money is already in your pocket, you are already its owner! Repeat this every day, before going to bed and after waking up. Sooner or later, your subconscious will take this as a command that it needs to carry out, which it will do.

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