3 false statements about finances

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1. Constantly counting your money is unnecessary
And you won’t even suspect how much money is in your wallet. Perhaps you’re just a billionaire and tired of counting them? Remember – money loves counting.

2. How will I save if I don’t earn money?
Try to save only 10% of the amount passing through your hands and pretty soon you will be pleasantly surprised by the money you have accumulated, which you simply did not notice before. At the same time, there will also be no special restrictions in the budget.

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3. In order to save and save, you need to earn a lot.
This is the wrong approach. The 10% deferred from your salary will not play a significant role, but it can eventually turn you into a millionaire. If we turn to statistics, most millionaires had regular jobs. They just had the ability to set aside part of the money they earned and the courage to invest it, and not spend it on ordinary needs.‌‌




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