Yemi Alade Speaks Out Against Sexual Exploitation in Nigerian Entertainment Industry

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Singer Yemi Alade has shed light on the challenges she has encountered within Nigeria’s entertainment industry, citing her reluctance to comply with demands for sexual favours as a factor contributing to her limited award wins.

In a candid revelation, Alade pointed out that her award successes have been hindered by the refusal to accede to requests for sexual favours from industry executives. She boldly stated, “Today men are the reason I don’t win awards in Nigeria,” drawing attention to the prevalent issue of sexual exploitation and misconduct that permeates the industry.

Alade candidly shared her experiences of facing pressure and unwelcome advances, where she was propositioned for sexual acts in exchange for career opportunities, lucrative deals, and award recognition. Despite encountering these daunting obstacles, the singer expressed unwavering pride in her decision to uphold her dignity and values, emphasizing that the support and admiration of her fans hold far greater significance to her than any accolade.

The renowned ‘Johnny’ crooner underscored the significance of authenticity and integrity in the face of unethical practices, highlighting the personal sacrifices involved in adhering to her principles. She remarked, “When I made my decision never to engage in sexual activities for gains, lots of opportunities were automatically blocked for me,” outlining the repercussions of prioritizing moral values over compromising situations.

Yemi Alade’s revelations shed light on the pervasive issue of sexual coercion and manipulation in the entertainment sector, reflecting a broader societal concern that extends beyond individual experiences. Her bravery in speaking out against such practices serves as a testament to the importance of ethical conduct, self-respect, and the challenging choices individuals face in navigating career advancement within competitive industries marred by exploitation.

This revealation  not only raises awareness about the power dynamics and injustices prevalent in the entertainment industry but also serves as a call to action for fostering a culture of respect, equality, and empowerment for all individuals striving to succeed based on their talent, merit, and hard work rather than succumbing to undue pressures and compromises.



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