why is it that some lady’s love canal makes noise during intimacy

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The sounds that can occur during intimacy, such as “queefing” or the release of air from the vagina, are completely normal and common. They happen when air gets trapped in the vaginal canal and is subsequently released. This can occur during sexual activity, especially when there is a lot of movement and pressure involved.

The vaginal canal is highly elastic and has folds and ridges that can trap air. When these folds are compressed and then released, it can create a sound similar to flatulence. It’s important to note that queefing is not related to flatulence or gas from the digestive system.

While queefing can seem embarrassing or awkward, it is a natural bodily function and not a cause for concern. It’s important to have open communication with your partner and understand that these sounds are normal and do not indicate any issues with the vagina or sexual health.


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