(Videos+Pictures): Amenfi Central DCE, Hon P.H Amponteng commences Reshaping of Deplorable Roads in the District

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The District Chief Executive of Wassa Amenfi Central, Honourable P.H Amponteng has recently embarked on a road reshaping project aimed at improving the infrastructure and transportation network within the area.

The District Chief Executive on Thursday, 28 September 2023, commenced the reshaping of roads in the area. This initiative is part of his larger plan to enhance connectivity and create safer roads for the residents.

The roads which have so far been reshaped include roads linking Ampongtenkrom, Bonglow and Juabo town. The Honourable DCE who was on the grounds to monitor progress was accompanied by his Personal Assistant-Mr Desmond Mensah, Unit Committee Members which is headed by Mr. Atta Frimpong and other Polling Station Executives.

Hon. PH Amponteng, who is very much concerned about the development of his people said he is worried about how the dilapidated nature of the road is greatly affecting almost every aspect of the lives of the people in the area.

He therefore assured the residents of the Assembly’s commitment to ensuring that all roads in the area become motorable so that it does not hinder economic activities in the area, especially during this time of the year.

The DCE extended his heartfelt appreciation to the Assembly members and staff for their tireless efforts, unwavering passion, unwavering dedication, and boundless enthusiasm in fulfilling the Assembly’s responsibilities to the citizens.

In conclusion, the road reshaping project undertaken by the District Chief Executive is a significant step towards enhancing the infrastructure and transportation network within the area. The project aims to improve connectivity and create safer roads for the residents. By investing in these improvements, the DCE is working towards creating a better transportation system for Amenfi Central.

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