(Videos) Amenfi West: Residents in Asankrangwa Lives in Danger as They Use a Caved Bridge in the Uptown Area

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Residents in Amenfi West, Asankrangwa are facing a dangerous situation as they use a caved bridge in the uptown area, putting their lives at risk.

It’s concerning to hear about the Uptown bridge caving in and the difficulties it has caused for the residents. In fact, the condition of the bridge is deteriorated to the point where it poses a significant risk to the safety of the people who use it.

From the videos below as captured by PAZION MEDIA, one could see structural weaknesses, cracks, signs of full collapse, and other hazards that could potentially lead to accidents or injuries. Infrastructure issues like this are having a significant impact on the daily lives of people in the town.

One resident who interacted with Pazion Media representatives said it’s important for the local authorities, particularly the Municipal Chief Executive to take prompt action to assess the damage, ensure the safety of the residents, and work on repairing the road as quickly as possible. He also added that there is a need for immediate repairs on the road as the safety and well-being of the community should always be a top priority for the leaders.

He also made references to some well-to-do men who live around the area and use the road all the time but are unconcerned about the dilapidated state of the road.

It’s distressing to see that residents’ lives are in danger due to the use of the bad bridge.

Professionalism and Guests’ Satisfaction at all events.

Recently, residents have been complaining about poor roads in the town and their woes have been exacerbated as a result of the continuous downpour. Some pragya (tricycle) riders do not want to ply some parts of the streets in town because of the deplorable state of the roads. The poor condition of the road poses a significant risk to the safety and well-being of the people living in Asankrangwa. There are issues of potholes, poor drainage, lack of proper lighting, and other infrastructure problems that make the roads in the town hazardous to navigate.

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