(Video)Cultivating The Future: Hon Afrifa Sheds Light on Annual Seed Capital for Students’ Scholarships and Healthcare

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During a community tour in Gonukrom on 18th February, 2024, Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa shed light on key issues affecting the constituents, emphasizing the importance of education and access to opportunities for the youth in Amenfi West.

Educational Fund Disclosure

Hon Afrifa revealed that Members of Parliament receive an educational fund of GHC60,000 annually. He urged constituents to ascertain the number of Amenfi West students benefiting from scholarships provided by the GETFund. Despite not holding an MP position, Hon Afrifa said he managed to secure 10 scholarships for local students last year, with 45 applications received this year.

Focus on Education and Sustainability

Drawing attention to the agricultural dependence of families in the area, Hon Afrifa emphasized the need for children to pursue education and secure jobs beyond farming. With limited land resources, it is essential for the youth to have opportunities in mainstream professions to support their families adequately. He pledged to give a seed capital of GHC100000 every year to support students scholarships apart from the government scholarships.

Importance of Education for Future Support

Referencing a local proverb from the Akan parlance, Hon Afrifa highlighted the reciprocal relationship between generations, emphasizing the role of children in caring for their parents as they age. He stressed the significance of education in ensuring financial stability to address healthcare needs and support family welfare.

Introduction of Medical Welfare Scheme

Recognizing the challenges faced by ageing individuals without adequate financial resources for health emergencies, Hon Afrifa announced plans to establish a medical welfare scheme. This initiative aims to provide support for medical expenses and enhance healthcare accessibility within the community.

Financial Support Schemes

To kickstart the medical welfare scheme, Hon Afrifa outlined plans to initiate programs aimed at generating funds to bolster the initial seed capital of GHC100,000. These fundraising initiatives seek to create sustainable mechanisms for supporting healthcare needs and promoting overall well-being among community members.

Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s community engagement in Gonukrom showcased his dedication to addressing key issues such as education, healthcare, and financial empowerment among constituents in Amenfi West. Through proactive initiatives and advocacy for opportunities beyond traditional farming, Hon Afrifa seeks to pave the way for a brighter future for the community members, fostering sustainable development and welfare for all.


Story by Prince Ayerakwa, PAZION MEDIA EDITOR

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