(Video) Whenever NPP is in power, Yirase experiences roadblocks-Hon. Eric Afful, Amenfi West MP

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Hon Eric Afful, the Member of Parliament for Amenfi West Constituency, has taken action to address a roadblock situation on the Asankrangwa to Samreboi Road. Due to heavy rainfall in the area, the road from Yirase became impassable, causing inconvenience for motorists. The MP intervened temporarily to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, showcasing his dedication to serving the community and resolving public issues. It’s encouraging to witness elected officials actively engaging with local concerns.

However, while addressing the situation, the MP mentioned that roadblocks tend to occur in Yirase whenever the NPP is in power. He recalled similar incidents happening in 2006 and 2007 on the same road. Hon Eric Afful emphasized that road construction is the responsibility of the central government, but he expressed his doubts about relying on the current administration. He also highlighted the importance of the Northern Part of Amenfi West in terms of population and agricultural produce. This prompted him to personally address the unpaved and poor condition of the road. According to him, roadblocks in Yirase frustrate road users whenever the NPP is in power, citing examples from 2006/2007 and the present.

The major roads connecting various towns and villages in Wassa Amenfi West are in a deplorable state. They suffer from potholes, cracks, uneven surfaces, limited accessibility, and inadequate drainage. These road issues make transportation challenging leading to increased vehicle damage and inconvenience for residents and commuters.

A group called WASSA AMENFI DEVELOPMENT ADVOCACY TEAM (WADAT) has planned a mass demonstration, scheduled for August 25th, 2023. Their objective is to advocate for “No Tarred Road, No Election” in 2024. The demonstration will take place in Wassa Dominase, where participants will march together to Nso Nyameye, accompanied by the mass media. Finally, they will submit their petition to the government of Ghana through the MCE (Asankrangwa) and DCE (Manso Amenfi).


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Video Credit to Samartex Greengold


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