Unity in Purpose: Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa Officially Visits the Chiefs and Elders of Asankrangwa Divisional Area

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The Amenfi West NPP Parliamentary Candidate for the 2024 elections, Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa, a renowned leader and visionary, recently visited the Chiefs and Elders of the Asankrangwa Divisional Area to communicate his plans, vision, and initiatives. This visit aimed to foster unity, collaboration, and understanding between the local communities and the government.

He was accompanied by the MCE, Hon. Lord Nana Tandoh, the Constituency Chairman, Hon. Obed Asamoah, and other Constituency Executives on 29th December 2023. It was an official visit to the Chiefs and elders of Asankrangwa Divisional Area to introduce the NPP Parliamentary candidate for Amenfi West, Hon. Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa to them.

The visit enabled the Parliamentary candidate to have the opportunity to brief the Chief and elders on his good plans and initiatives for Amenfi West and also ask for their advice.
He pleaded for their support, prayers and blessings to enable him to win the seat for Amenfi West Constituency since they are the owners and leaders in the Constituency.

Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa is a highly respected political figure who has consistently demonstrated his commitment to serving the people. His visit to the Asankrangwa Divisional Area reflects his dedication to engaging with local communities, understanding their needs, and devising strategic plans to address them. This was an opportunity for the Chiefs and Elders to establish a strong relationship with Hon Ignatius Afrifa and work together towards common goals.

Hon Kwasi Afrifa emphasized that unity among the chiefs, elders, and the government is crucial for the effective implementation of developmental projects and initiatives. Hon Afrifa’s visit served as a platform to strengthen the bond between the government and the local communities. He used the opportunity to tell them of the government’s topmost priority of completing the Bawdie-Asankrangwa Road in 2024.

The visit of Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa to the Chiefs and Elders of the Asankrangwa Divisional Area holds immense potential for positive change.

Conclusively, Hon Ignatius Kwasi Afrifa’s official visit to the Chiefs and Elders of the Asankrangwa Divisional Area is a significant step towards fostering unity, collaboration, and understanding between the government and the local communities. By communicating his plans, vision, and initiatives, Hon Afrifa has laid the groundwork for inclusive development and progress in the region. This visit serves as a testament to his dedication to serving the people and working together towards a common purpose.



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