“Unifying voices for Progress: Amenfi West Citizens Network Hosts Public Forum for Engagement and Development

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The Amenfi West Citizens Network, a prominent association in the Amenfi West Municipality, is gearing up to host a public forum involving parliamentary aspirants, the Municipal Chief Executive, and department heads from various sectors within the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality. This forum aims to address crucial issues such as health, sanitation, security, lighting systems, and other pertinent matters impacting the community.

The grand public forum will include several key components and events leading up to the main program.

The Amenfi West Citizens Network, in collaboration with Royal FM and other media partners, will organize a vibrant street carnival or float on 6th March 2024 at 3:00 PM. This carnival aims to engage the community and build excitement around the upcoming public forum.

Following the street carnival, a documentary highlighting the activities of the Amenfi West Citizens Network and addressing relevant community issues will be shown at 6:00 PM on 6th March 2024. This documentary will provide valuable insights into the organization’s initiatives and the challenges facing the community.

The Breman-Enchi Station has been selected as the primary venue for the public forum and associated events. This choice of venue aligns with the organization’s focus on community engagement and accessibility.

The highlight of the public forum will be on 7th March 2024 at 9:00 AM at the Buadum  School Park. This event will bring together Nananom of Amenfi West, opinion leaders, dignitaries, and various stakeholders to exchange ideas and strategies for driving the development of the municipality.

The objectives of  the public forum organized by the Amenfi West Citizens Network  include facilitating dialogue among parliamentary aspirants, municipal leaders, and department heads, addressing critical issues affecting the community, such as health, security, and infrastructure development, promoting community engagement, collaboration, and participation in decision-making processes and fostering partnerships with the media and other stakeholders to amplify the impact of community initiatives.

In conclusion, the upcoming public forum organized by the Amenfi West Citizens Network promises to be a significant event bringing together key stakeholders to address pressing community concerns and chart a path towards municipal development. By providing a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and idea-sharing, this forum reinforces the organization’s commitment to empowering citizens and driving positive change in the Amenfi West region.


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