Uncontrollable tears as the young man shot by armed robbers at Moseaso goes home today. {Videos+Pictures}

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The final funeral rite of the Late Frank Arthur, A.K.A Kwadae is being held at Asankran Moseaso Community Centre today, 29th April 2023.

Loved ones from afar and people in Amenfi West Municipality, especially those around Moseaso town have come in their numbers to commiserate with the family of Frank Arthur who met his untimely death on Sunday morning, 16th April 2023 when they were conveying gold (black) to Asankrangwa. They were ambushed at the rubber plantation near the Moseaso Clinic. He was the checker for the gold (black) and the only person who was shot since he knew the armed robbers and they were afraid he might not keep the armed robber’s attack under wraps.

After the shooting incident, the robbers went home to change their dresses and pretended they had done nothing.

However, after the incident, there were rumours that some guys had already threatened to shoot him since he has been blocking their access to the gold. After thorough investigations, they arrested one of the armed robbers and after subjecting him to several beatings, he also mentioned the names of all his accomplices and they were equally nabbed and beaten to death. Afterwards, they were burnt.


Reliable sources indicate that two of the armed robbers were ex-convicts and are natives of Asankran Moseaso. After taking away the goodies from Frank Arthur, they did not expect the robbers to shoot someone they have lived with in the same town over the years. This infuriated the youth to retaliate without mercy.

Frank Arthur was born in 1972 and started his life as a driver in Moseaso. He was a popular driver and well-liked by everyone, so he was about to be crowned the “youth chief” (mmrantehene).

However, he later joined the gold business since it’s a lucrative business and was the gold checker at the site.





For all pictures and full video of the incident, visit pazion media telegram page through this link  https://t.me/paz91



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