The Rising Stars 2023: venue filled to  maximum capacity; check the star performer and best costume winners on week 3

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In the third week of the Rising Stars’ main event, a large crowd flocked to the venue, creating an electric atmosphere. The event buzzed with excitement as people from all walks of Asankranman and far places flocked to the scene.

The venue was filled to its maximum capacity, with attendees showcasing their enthusiasm and anticipation for the event. The large crowd created a vibrant ambience, with everyone eagerly engaging in conversations, laughter, and anticipation for what lay ahead. This surge in attendance added to the overall energy of the event, making it a massive success and an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

During the music and dance talent show. Each contestant showcased incredible skills and captivated the audience with their unique talents. The singers wowed the crowd with their powerful vocals, hitting high notes and mesmerizing everyone with their stage presence. The dancers amazed the audience with their graceful and dynamic moves, effortlessly gliding across the stage and executing complex choreographies. Overall, all contestants gave their best performances and showcased their immense talent, leaving the audience in awe and making it a day to remember.

Best costume on Day 3

Even though all the contestants were in their best appealing outfits, the standout this week was Ivy Nyarko.
Her costume was unique and original, showcasing her creative abilities. She paid personal attention to every little detail of her costume, making it visually appealing and impressive.

Star performer on Day 3

It was an enrapturing feeling at Nana Tandoh’s conference Hall on the 3rd week of the Rising Stars main event. Every week, the one who exceeds expectations and achieves exceptional results in their work or performance is awarded as the Star Performer. And on the 3rd week, the judges picked Zainab as the star performer. Zainab stood out from others due to her level of skill, dedication, and ability to consistently perform Lucky Dube’s song “Remember me”. She demonstrated exceptional skills and captivated the audience with her singing and movements. Zainab reminded the audience of Lucky Dube’s powerful lyrics “Remember me”.
The audience occasionally glanced at her shirt, and some of the audience heads were seen nodding in recognition.

Dressed in her Lucky Dube shirt, Zainab felt a sense of responsibility to spread Lucky Dube’s message of love and unity. It was more than just wearing a piece of clothing; it was a symbol of standing for something greater, a testament to the power of the Rising Stars to inspire and transform lives.

Zainab (star performer) and Ivy (The best costume winner)


Click the link below to watch Zainab’s performance


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