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The week six performance of the Rising Stars saw the audience fully immersed in the music and dance show surrendering themselves with various movements and responses.

The sheer joy and uninhibited expression radiating from the audience captured the attention of the event organisers and judges alike. Claps, cheers, and enthusiastic applause ripple through Nana Tandoh’s Conference Hall encouraging the dancers and musicians to push their limits even further.

As their performance reached its peak, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause, their cheers echoing throughout the venue. There was admiration and a renewed sense of motivation from the audience.


Chef Tony giving award to the star performer, Millicent Takyi

True music talent was discovered at the talent show as a young girl named Millicent took the stage. As soon as the music began, Millicent’s movements flowed effortlessly, captivating the entire audience. Her fluidity and voice were unmatched, and it was evident that she had dedicated countless hours to perfecting her craft. With each lyric in Amakye Dede’s song “Iron Boy”, Millicent passion and joy for music radiated through her expression, drawing everyone into her performance. The room was filled with electrifying energy that had never been felt before at the Rising Stars talent show. The judges and spectators alike were left in awe, realizing that they had witnessed something truly extraordinary. Millicent’s talent was undeniable, and it was clear that she had the potential to go far in the world of music. This spectacular performance marked the beginning of an incredible journey for Millicent, as she embarked on a path that would ultimately lead her to become a renowned professional musician.

The best costume winner.

Patrick Adjei, CEO of Best Tape Entertainment presents a gift to the best costume winner, Gloria Ennim

Gloria won the best costume for having a high fashion sense. Her trainer deserves applause for such an accomplishment. It shows that she has a great eye for style and knows how to put together a creative and unique outfit. It must have been exciting for her to receive recognition for her fashion choices.


  MCs Elegant Appearance

The MCs, Kojo Blah and Miss Phylis, second runner-up for Miss Western 2022 elegant appearance made a great impression. They showed a sense of style and sophistication. The audience was impressed by their wonderful effort into their appearance and how they carried themselves on stage.

Watch Millicent’s spectacular performance by clicking the link below



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