The Importance of Valuing Quality in Our Entertainment Industry

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As a music fan or entertainment enthusiast in Ghana, you probably want to see your favourite artist succeed and win. But have you ever stopped to consider the impact of the media on our entertainment industry? In recent times, it seems that some Ghanaian media outlets have been more interested in promoting clowns and meaningless trends rather than focusing on the quality of our music and creativity.

The problem with this is that when we allow the media to feed us with anything that does not add value to our entertainment space, we are ultimately hindering the growth and success of our artists. Instead of promoting quality music and highlighting the creativity of our artists, some media outlets are more interested in clicks and engagement. This is a short-sighted approach that does not benefit our music industry in the long run.

We cannot allow our media to sleep on our artists and then turn around to criticize them when Nigerian artists start winning. It’s time to hold our media accountable and demand that they prioritize quality and value in their coverage of our entertainment industry. We should not engage with any media outlet that ignores our creativity and focuses on clowns and unnecessary trends.

As fans, we have the power to shape the narrative of our entertainment industry. We can choose to support media outlets that value quality and promote our artists’ creativity. We can also call out media outlets that prioritize meaningless trends and clowns over the true talent of our artists. By doing this, we can help create an environment that encourages the growth and success of our music industry.

To summarize, it’s time for us to take a stand and demand better from our media. Let’s not allow them to feed us with clowns and anything that does not add value and quality to our entertainment space. Instead, let’s support media outlets that prioritize quality and creativity, and call out those that do not. By doing this, we can help create an entertainment industry that truly reflects the talent and creativity of our artists.


Ebenezer Ansah-Boafo

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