The High Costs and Low Returns of Music Promotion in Ghana’s Industry

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It’s no secret that the music industry in Ghana is a challenging one, especially for independent artists trying to make a name for themselves. From getting their music heard by the right people to find the right avenues for promotion, up-and-coming artists face numerous obstacles. However, one of the biggest challenges that independent artists in Ghana face is the difficulty in finding reliable and trustworthy promotional channels.

As an artist manager in Ghana, I’ve had firsthand experience dealing with various promotional channels, including YouTube channel owners, DJs, radio stations, digital marketers, bloggers, and social media influencers. While these channels can be essential in promoting an artist’s music, they often come with their fair share of challenges.

One of the most significant challenges is the fact that many of these channels seek to make a one-time big payment from just one artist. Once they receive their payment, they seem to lose interest in the artist and fail to deliver on their promises. Many of these promotional channels rely on mainstream artists to build up their following and charge exorbitant amounts from unknown artists for promotion but fail to deliver on their promises.

This is particularly frustrating for independent artists who often do not have the financial resources to pay for promotion continually. They are forced to rely on these channels to promote their music, but many of them fall short. As a result, many independent artists find it challenging to gain the exposure they need to grow their fan base and succeed in the industry.

Another challenge with these promotional channels is the lack of transparency. It’s often difficult to determine whether a promotional channel will actually deliver on its promises. Many channels promise to promote an artist’s music to their audience, but there’s no way to track the results or know whether they are delivering on their promises. This lack of transparency can be frustrating for artists, who often feel like they are throwing money away without seeing any real results.

Despite these challenges, there are still some reliable promotional channels that independent artists can turn to. However, it takes time and effort to find the right channels that will work best for your music and your brand. One approach is to build relationships with these channels and take the time to vet them before investing any money. Another approach is to focus on building a fan base organically through social media and live performances.

In conclusion, the difficulty of doing music in Ghana as an up-and-coming independent artist is compounded by the challenges of finding trustworthy and reliable promotional channels. While there are some good channels out there, many seek to make a one-time big payment and fail to deliver on their promises. As an artist manager, I believe that it’s essential for independent artists to be diligent in their search for the right promotional channels and to focus on building their fan base organically.



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