The Dark Side of Musician Lookalikes in Ghana: Media Bias Concerns

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The media has a significant influence on the music industry, and their coverage and promotion of certain artists can make or break their careers. In the case of musician lookalikes in Ghana, it is concerning that the media is giving them more attention and hype while ignoring up-and-coming artists with original content. This could lead to a situation where only those who mimic famous musicians can gain media attention and become successful, while those with innovative and fresh ideas are left out.

This bias towards musician lookalikes could have significant consequences for the music industry. It could discourage new talent from emerging and could lead to a lack of diversity and creativity. Moreover, it could harm the reputation of the media as a trustworthy source of information and could lead to public distrust.

It is the responsibility of the media to provide a fair platform for all artists, regardless of their fame or popularity. This means giving equal attention and promotion to both musician lookalikes and original artists with fresh content. The media has a duty to promote diversity, innovation, and creativity in the music industry and should not prioritize one over the other. Left to me, the media should prioritize promoting original new artists over the lookalikes

The media’s bias towards musician lookalikes in Ghana is an ethical concern that should not be ignored. It is crucial for the media to give equal attention and promotion to all artists, regardless of their fame or popularity. By promoting diversity, innovation, and creativity, the media can contribute to the growth and success of the music industry in Ghana.


Ebenezer Ansah Boafo


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