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A recent publication by the Ghana Statistical Services puts it that over 1.7 million youths are unemployed in Ghana, representing 13.7% of the population.

A vote for a candidate to represent you in parliament is employment you have given the said individual. What are his measures to reciprocate this to you as a delegate or party member who gave him such an opportunity?
This question must be of concern to you and must be factored into consideration before you cast your vote for a candidate, either an incumbent Member of Parliament or an aspiring candidate.

Note your action must not be to receive monies from him or her but rather factor your sustainable life into his reasons for representing you in government. There is a social contract between those to whom political power is given and you as an individual for which they hold such power on behalf to protect you, and make provision for your well-being which includes potable water, better health facilities, good roads, a safer environment and many more.

Remember the legislature is an organ of government hence no one should convince you that the mere fact that his party is not in government means he is not in government.
Your vote for an individual must not be based on greed for self-aggrandizement or desire for personal interest. Your vote for an individual today is a determinant of your socio-economic sustainability under the period you’re giving him the power.

Your destiny is in your own hand and your vote must not put you into economic slavery.
Do a self-analysis of the current Member of Parliament or the aspiring candidate and look at whose action is Centered on your development but not just a mere family, tribe or electoral bribery for your vote.

Never vote for any candidate who has no impact on humanity because it’s a suicide venture for your existence.
Politicians in Ghana have taken electorates for granted and the status quo must not stand. Your role to change such is dependent on the candidate you vote for during these internal elections among the parties

Your MP is a reason for your struggles if he fails to hold the Central government or executive accountable.
The majority of MPs in our current dispensation are rubber-stamp MPs who connive with the executive to impoverish you, so a meagre money donation is enough to make you vote against your conscience.

They approve loans on the mere fact that they are given kickbacks.

Vote against any NDC MP who voted to approve the new six ministerial nominees if you are an NDC delegate and do the same as NPP delegate to MPs who publicly kick against Ken Ofori Atta to continue to stay as finance minister but were tamed by the party leadership and the presidency to ignore their conscience.

Most importantly, refuse any gift or money from any candidate. the mere fact that he or she makes such an offer, and vote against him or her because he or she sees you as a cheap voter.

Remember change is difficult but possible.
We must change the trend in our political landscape through our own deliberate effort as delegates.

Ebenezer Mensah
A citizen and not a spectator


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