The ability to listen: One feature that attracts the opposite sex

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Listening is actually quite easy, and it doesn’t require any special talent. We were even taught how to pretend to listen in boring classes.

However, actively listening and providing minimal feedback is a different skill altogether, and it’s often overlooked. Sometimes, when we find a topic interesting, we tend to wait for our turn to speak, unintentionally silencing the other person.

So, what can we do to improve our listening skills?

One effective exercise is to have a conversation with someone for 5 minutes without interrupting them once. Try choosing someone who tends to be more talkative, so they can speak in monologues. During the conversation, show your interest through non-verbal cues like maintaining eye contact, using facial expressions, and other gestures. You can nod, raise your eyebrows at the right moments, and engage in other small actions that boost your conversation partner’s confidence.

It’s a simple yet powerful technique that can make a significant difference in your communication skills.

Professionalism and Guests’ Satisfaction at all events.


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