Tailors and Seamstresses Association at Samreboi Present Citation to Hon. Kwasi Afrifa

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The Tailors and Seamstresses Association at Samreboi in the Wassa Amenfi West Constituency play a significant role in the local economy, contributing to the fashion industry and making a positive impact on the community. On 28th December 2023, a remarkable event took place where the association presented a well-deserved citation to Hon. Kwasi Afrifa, the NPP parliamentary candidate for 2024.

The Tailors and Seamstresses Association at Samreboi serve as the backbone of the local fashion industry. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering quality clothing have garnered them immense respect and admiration. They contribute not only to the local economy but also to the preservation of traditional sewing techniques and cultural heritage.

The event took place at Samreboi and was attended by association members, local dignitaries, community leaders, and supporters of Hon. Kwasi Afrifa. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and appreciation for the contributions made by the Tailors and Seamstresses Association.

During the event, representatives from the association expressed their gratitude to Hon. Kwasi Afrifa for his unwavering support and advocacy for local businesses and industries. They highlighted his efforts in promoting entrepreneurship, creating opportunities for skill development, and ensuring the growth and sustainability of the fashion sector.


The highlight of the event was the presentation of a citation to Hon. Kwasi Afrifa, recognizing his exceptional commitment to the advancement of the Tailors and Seamstresses Association at Samreboi. The citation acknowledged his dedication to empowering local artisans, his initiatives to enhance the accessibility of resources and funding for the association, and his tireless efforts in promoting their work on a national level.

Mr, Acquah, president of the association, stated, “Hon. Kwasi Afrifa has been a true champion for our industry. His support has allowed us to thrive, expand our businesses, and create employment opportunities for fellow community members.”

Another member expressed, “The citation presentation was a symbol of our gratitude and appreciation for Hon. Kwasi Afrifa. We are delighted that he recognizes the immense value we bring to Samreboi and beyond.”

Conclusively, the Tailors and Seamstresses Association at Samreboi are vital to the local economy and cultural heritage. The event where a citation was presented to Hon. Kwasi Afrifa showcased the recognition of his unwavering commitment to the associations and his dedication to supporting local businesses and industries. This event serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the importance of nurturing and empowering artisans and entrepreneurs within our communities.



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