Some Truths Everyone Should Accept in Life

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1. People will come and go based on their interests and the benefits they get from you. So, don’t be disappointed they leave because they have had what they wanted.

2. People do not care about you as much as you think. Nobody is thinking that much about you because we mostly think about ourselves.

3. Money is not everything. But everything needs money, even respect needs money.

4. Some people lose diamonds in search of cheap stones. But please never ignore someone who truly cares for you because someday you will realize you have lost a diamond while you were busy collecting stones.

5. The word “Forever” was meant for memories and not for people. People come and go; you just have to accept it.

6. Some people love sleeping because dreams are better than reality. In the dreams, you are more free.

7. All love is conditional. This means that your love for another person, or another person’s love for you, is contingent on certain actions, or things going on. Common phrases used to explain it is “I will date you if you take me to prom”.

8. Someone else’s success can be either a great motivator or a destroyer. The success can either motivate someone or trigger envy or unspeakable toxic behaviour that destroys.



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