​ Some Powerful and Unique Tips About Life

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1. The slower you move, the faster you will die

2. Don’t marry someone you don’t intend to spend the rest of your life with. The average marriage lasts ten years, so statistically speaking, you probably won’t spend the rest of your life in it. But we must hope!

3. Never lay your hand on a woman, child, animal or man who cannot break your jaw

4. Never lay your hand on anyone if you can avoid it . There are really only two legitimate reasons to fight: to fight for your life or to protect your loved ones

5. Be generous to those who cannot do anything for you…

6. Good manners are the basis of everything! Rudeness has no excuses. Quality of life is made up of small human concessions to each other, and only politeness will make your life bearable

7. There will never come a time in life when you become so wise, experienced and successful that you won’t fail at anything . Expect failure and allow it to strengthen your spirit. Minutes of shame make you strong, moments of success make you grateful: both alternate in life as inevitably as night and day

8. Take care of your knees! If you play sports, they will refuse sooner or later. If you don’t play sports, they will suddenly refuse

9. If noisy scandals occur between you and your woman, then this is not your woman

1️0. There are peaks that definitely need to be climbed – it’s better to avoid all the rest

11. If you have time, it’s better to walk


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