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Odeneho Kwame Boafo, Oti Regional Deputy Secretary of the NDC says it is sincerely painful how they toiled for the NDC MPs to win their election and has decided to decline the party’s order and went on to approve Akuffo Addo’s ministerial nominees to continue his oversized incompetent government in this difficult time of our nation. According to him, such an act is condemnable without any reservation.

It is so bad and unacceptable for our Mps to betray our trust and confidence in them. It is sincerely crazy and so disgusting.

However, I feel some of our NDC MPs who are all over-explaining themselves and denying taking part in those who voted for are also just petty, hypocrites, and cheap populists.

You have gone to do secret voting and the results are out, who voted YES or NO is between him and his faith, the claims on media for voting against and showing of ballot papers with NO votes being marked on it, to me is cheap saintism and populism, how sure are we even that, the hands showing in the pictures are the real hands of those claiming same?

What also shows that the ballot papers shown on social media as their evidence of voting against are not different ballot papers picked somewhere and marked after the voting on the floor of the house for political sympathy?

If the position and order of the party were to be successful, all of you the 135 Mps would have taken glory and credit for it, now that the contrary is here, better take the bitter peels together and stop being saints in the dark clothes.

It is high time we stopped hiding certain political conventional practices at the top from our grassroots, we are all aware of the tight relationship that has grown between members of parliament from both sides over the years. Some members of Parliament from both sides have relationships that have gone even beyond consanguineal ties, some relate as business partners, old school mates, occult partners and members, church members, extended family members, clan members and the rest, it is untenable for these people having such strong relations at different levels to disappoint themselves, this is the bitter truth we are hiding from the grassroots of our party.

Some NPP MPs prefer to share their Private home issues with their colleagues NDC MPs than their colleagues from the same party and vice versa, such relationships go beyond politics, hence one cannot expect any disappointment between friends of such nature and this is what our grassroots must know.

Members of Parliament on each other hidden fiduciary duty, which I called institutional solidarity, which is also another hard truth we ain’t telling our people, these guys believe that anytime anyone of them is nominated by the executive arm, they must solidarize with the fellow as a way of promoting parliament.

Let us refrain from the unsubstantiated accusations, and the use of unprinted and dishonourable words against each other, all is not lost, there’s a great opportunity to win the 2024 election but possibly when we are together, United and focused.

To my fellow grassroots soldiers, let’s take it easy, stay focused, be patient, and resilient, and remain committed to the cause of the party, and this too shall pass.

Odeneho Kwame Boafo-Oti Regional Deputy Secretary NDC (0247726369)


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