Seidu Rafiwu Completes Four-Day Walk-A-Thon from Techiman to Accra

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Seidu Rafiwu, a determined Ghanaian athlete, has successfully completed a four-day walk-a-thon from Techiman to Accra, covering an impressive 383 kilometers. His ambitious journey aimed to break the 48-year-old record set by American Jesse Casteneda.

Rafiwu arrived at Independence Square in Accra on Tuesday just before midday, marking the end of his grueling walk. Despite the physical challenges, Rafiwu expressed confidence that his performance will qualify him for the Guinness World Record for the longest distance walked.

When questioned about the possibility of not breaking the record, Rafiwu remained optimistic, stating, “Marsha Allah, nothing is going to happen that way. If it does, it is God’s will.” He added, “Yes, I will still try if I am not successful. As a man, you do not give up.”

Nushirat Abubakar, Rafiwu’s spokesperson, revealed that Rafiwu initially aspired to become a professional footballer but switched to marathon walking after unsuccessful attempts in the sport.

“The ambition he has was sports, a professional footballer, but along the line, he realized that achieving that dream was difficult,” Abubakar explained. “He said why not try to be a military personnel. We tried our best, he keeps applying almost every year [it was not successful]. Finally, he brought up this one walkathon.”

Rafiwu’s successful completion of the walk-a-thon is a testament to his determination and resilience. His journey has not only tested his physical limits but also highlighted the power of human endurance and the pursuit of dreams.



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