Respecting each other in a relationship

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Respect is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship.

Without respect in a relationship, you will always doubt each other’s intentions, judge your partner’s choices, and try to limit their independence.

Besides, you also have to respect yourself. Without self-respect, you can’t feel like you deserve your partner’s respect. You’ll constantly try to prove yourself worthy of it, and you’ll only end up hurting your relationship.

🔸 Never complain about your partner to your friends. If you’re unhappy about something in his behaviour, discuss it with him yourself, not with your friends and family.
🔸 Respect the fact that your partner may have friends, interests, hobbies and views different from yours.
🔸 Consider the opinion of your mate. Don’t forget, you’re a team. If one is unhappy, then look for a solution to the problem together.
🔸Don’t keep everything inside, discuss any problems. You shouldn’t have forbidden topics to talk about.


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