‍Resilience: The Science of Accepting Your Failures

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Remember when you learned to ride a bike? In the process, you probably fell a few times and broke your knees.

The same thing happens with solving any problem: at first you fall. Failures are a part of life, and successful people have learned how to accept them.

In fact, those who succeed fail more often than others. But they have learned to view failure as part of self-improvement. Accordingly, they try more and set themselves new challenges more often, which is why they fail more often. It is important that such people do not fail passively; they look for ways to learn from their mistakes.

Many of us are afraid of failure, so accepting failure is much harder than it seems. For example, many former Navy SEALs were once successful boxers, but are now afraid to even step into the ring. Why? Because once they have experienced success, they simply cannot accept the possibility of failure.

However, you can overcome the fear of failure at any age. And if you can do this, you will have the opportunity to try new things, have new experiences, and grow.

To do this, no matter how old you are, try to imagine yourself as a beginner.

Failures are a normal part of life. And they represent a way to become a better person. So if you don’t fail constantly, you’re probably just not trying hard enough.

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