(Pictures+Videos) Gloria Ennim and AFROID Dancers achieve a record-breaking feat on Week 10 of the Rising Stars Show

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On week 10 of the Rising Stars Talent Show Competition, Gloria Ennim and AFROID Dancers achieved a record-breaking feat.

Out of all the contestants, Gloria Ennim and AFROID Dancers stood out, each winning an award.

AFROID Dancers have won the Star Performer award thrice, while Gloria has also won the Best Costume award three times due to her attention to detail and innovative costume designs. They set record as being the only Performers to win three awards at the Rising Stars show season 1.


Week 10 Best Costume Winner, Gloria

Gloria is an incredibly talented singer whose costumes have brought creativity and beauty to the Rising Stars talent show’s stage. Starting off slowly, she has consistently improved week after week, wowing the audience with unique and visually appealing costumes.

For her third win, which took place during the tenth week (23-09-23), Gloria’s costume design was exceptional. Her intricate designs and attention to detail were evident in every costume she put up for the show. From her golden straight dress blended with an inner top and down to her generic boot, she hooked the audience. The judges were impressed, noting the exceptional matching of the costumes with her choice of music-slay queen by Sister Afia.

Gloria’s first win for the best costume award was on the 6th week when she dressed in ECG outfit. Her second win was on 16 September 2023 (the 9th week).
Gloria’s three wins prove that she is the top fashionista on the talent show, and her insight has been boosted by this achievement. Her hard work, dedication, and creativity have put her among the best on the show.

Congratulations to Gloria on winning the Best Costume award for the third time. This recognition of her creativity and dedication to her craft is quite an accomplishment. Winning such an award multiple times is a testament to Gloria’s talent and hard work.



Once again, AFROID Dancers left the audience spellbound with their remarkable performance. They were awarded the Star Performer award on the tenth week of the Rising Stars competition due to their robotic dance moves.

The group is renowned for its inventive and imaginative approach to dancing, always coming up with fresh and engaging routines that catch the audience’s and judges’ attention. The dance competition held at the Nana Tandoh Conference Hall in Asankrangwa showcased their unique style and skill.

The performance began with slow, mechanical movements that gradually increased in pace, creating a robotic effect that enthralled the audience, and judges were astonished by this groundbreaking innovation.

The choreography was flawlessly executed, with the two dance partners moving in perfect harmony, giving the illusion that they were robots. The futuristic feel of the costumes, coupled with the seamless synchronization of the robotic moves, made the performance even more captivating.

The judges were impressed with the Dancers’ ability to convey a clear concept through their robotic moves, making the performance gripping. They appreciated the way the moves blended flawlessly with the music, showcasing the team’s creativity. Judge Efi Chico who was dumbstruck by the robotical dance moves of the Dancers humorously asked one of the audience to inspect them if they had batteries inserted in some parts of their bodies.

The announcement of AFROID Dancers’ victory in the Star Performer category elicited loud cheers from the excited audience. The group expressed gratitude for the recognition and mentioned that they were highly motivated to continue their unique and innovative performances in pursuit of the ultimate prize on the final day of the competition: 14th October 2023.

In conclusion, AFROID Dancers have demonstrated that hard work, creativity, and innovation can push the boundaries of what is possible with dance. They have challenged themselves and raised the bar of contemporary dance with their innovative robotic moves.

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