(Photos) Amenfi West: Thief killed by burning and physical assault from angry mob

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Reports have emerged of a person being physically assaulted and his body being set on fire at Asankran Oda Community.

The community of Amenfi West Municipal has been plagued by a recent incident of theft, where a thief was caught breaking into a store and was subsequently beaten to death and burnt by unknown men in the community. There were three thieves but luck evaded one person who was caught and subsequently killed and burnt. This incident has raised concerns about the prevalence of theft in the community and the appropriate ways to address it.

According to eyewitnesses, the thief was caught breaking into a store at Mr Akanor’s Guest House near the Asankran Oda Town Park at early midnight on Sunday, 29th October 2023. Some community members were alerted by the noise, caught the thief and immediately called for help from other members of the community. The thief was subsequently beaten and burnt to death. What infuriated the community members resulting in the killing of the thief was that they shot the owner of the Guest House, Mr Akanor (the victim) and took his money after a fierce battle.

The community has expressed mixed reactions to the incident. While some have condemned the violent act, others have praised those who apprehended the thief for taking action against the thief.

The Asankrangwa Police Division arrived at the scene this morning to take the corpse, with investigations underway to determine the root cause and circumstances of the incident.

Reports indicate that there is an upsurge in burglary and armed robbery in the area.
Community members are calling for increased security measures such as increasing patrols in areas prone to theft.
The incident of the thief being beaten to death and burnt is a tragic reminder of the need for the community to come together to address the root causes of theft. The community needs to work together to provide support for its members, improve security measures, and promote peaceful conflict resolution. By doing so, the community can prevent such incidents from occurring in the future and create a safer and more supportive environment for all.


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