My Decision, My World

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I never realized I was wrong
It was onto one principle I held:
The world is an ingrate
Who appreciates no good
But records every unusual bad
This ingrate–he roars out my mistakes
And mutes his praise on my good

The world goes mad
Society screams
Family shouts
For just a mistake done.
Why? A mistake with distributaries
Confluencing into sea

Decision is a key to life’s door
Decision is a vehicle
Driving one to their success
Or to their total destruction.
One decision affects many others
Both the born and the yet-to-be-born
Either for good or for bad.

But posterity is me–my choice
When finally Earth welcomes them
Those who never knew
The woes of the arms
Into where they are born
With all the unpromising survival
I must take the blame
For I made it so.

The world doesn’t need a committee
I am worth a committee
To decide for the generations
My decision makes my world.
My world makes my people.
My world and my people are my decision


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