Manchester United and Disney in Talks for Multi-Million Dollar Documentary Deal

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Manchester United, one of the most globally recognized football clubs, is reportedly in discussions with the entertainment giant Disney for a lucrative multi-million-dollar deal to produce a series of documentaries capturing the club’s legendary era under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Ferguson Era

Spanning 26 years from 1986 to 2013, Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign as Manchester United manager was an unprecedented period of success. Under his guidance, the club claimed 38 major trophies, including:

• 13 Premier League titles
• 2 UEFA Champions League trophies
• 5 FA Cups

Ferguson’s transformative leadership, tactical acumen, and ability to nurture young talent left an enduring legacy on the club and the game of football worldwide.

The Documentary Deal

According to sources, Manchester United is in active discussions with Disney about producing a series of documentaries that delve into the intricacies of Ferguson’s era. The production would likely focus on:

• Key matches and victories
• Behind-the-scenes insights into the team’s dynamics and culture
• Interviews with players, coaches, and staff
• Analysis of Ferguson’s management style and techniques

Disney’s Involvement

Disney+, the streaming service owned by The Walt Disney Company, is reportedly the frontrunner to acquire the exclusive rights to the documentaries. Disney+ has a proven track record in producing high-quality sports content, including the Emmy-nominated series “The Last Dance” about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Commercial Value

The documentary series is expected to generate significant revenue for both Manchester United and Disney. The club’s vast global following, combined with Disney’s extensive reach and distribution capabilities, would ensure a wide audience for the content. Additionally, the documentaries themselves could spawn merchandising and other commercial opportunities.


Beyond its commercial potential, the documentary series would have a profound impact on Manchester United fans and the wider football community. It would provide an invaluable record of the club’s greatest era, offering a glimpse into the processes and personalities that shaped their success. Moreover, it could inspire future generations of players and coaches to strive for greatness.

The potential deal between Manchester United and Disney for a multi-million-dollar documentary series is a testament to the enduring legacy of Sir Alex Ferguson and the enduring fascination with the club’s golden era. With Disney’s expertise in storytelling and its global reach, these documentaries have the potential to captivate audiences worldwide and cement Manchester United’s place in football history.

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