Little things that help you conclude a person

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1. Eye contact. The degree to which you maintain eye contact can say a lot about a person. If he looks constantly, he is arrogant. If you look away, you are shy and unsure of yourself.

2. The way a person treats service workers. “You” and disrespect, for example, towards a waiter, show the degree of low emotional intelligence in a person. As well as the level of general development.

3. Fulfillment of obligations. Pay attention to whether the person does what he says. Is he punctual? And does he respect other people’s time?

4. Reaction to defeats. How a person reacts in the event of failure is the moment when his true character is revealed. A true loser will blame others and be negative.

5. Communication style. As a rule, people who talk quickly and a lot are not the best choice. If a person speaks slowly and thoughtfully, it’s worth taking a closer look.

6. Availability of initiative. How proactive a person is in various situations helps determine the presence of leadership qualities.

7. Argumentation style. Whether a person relies on logic or emotions – this gives an idea of ​​his problem-solving and communication skills in general.

8. Sense of humour. Understanding another person’s sense of humour can reveal aspects of a person’s personality that you would never know through simple dialogue.



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