Kwame Yogot, Ghanaian Musician, Announces Departure from Musical Journey

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Ghanaian musician Kwame Yogot, born Keneth Keremanteng, has shocked the music industry and his loyal fanbase with an unexpected announcement on his Facebook page. Yogot declared his decision to retire from music, sending ripples through the Ghanaian music scene.

Announcement Details

In a brief but poignant message, Yogot shared:

“Some of you will be disappointed to hear this news, but my love for music is no more….I just can’t continue…..I quit….

Thanks for loving me for no reason

Thanks for hating me for no reason. May God bless everyone,”

Reasons for Retirement

Yogot did not explicitly state the reasons for his retirement. However, he alluded to a diminished passion for music, suggesting that he no longer possesses the same drive and enthusiasm he once had.

Impact on the Music Industry

Yogot’s retirement announcement has sent shockwaves through the Ghanaian music industry. As a rising star known for popular songs like “Biibi Ba,” “Biibi Besi,” “Wahala Dey,” and “Forever,” his sudden departure has raised questions about the state of the industry and the challenges faced by musicians.

Fan Reaction

Yogot’s fans have expressed a wide range of emotions, from shock and disappointment to understanding and support. Many have taken to social media to voice their sadness at his departure but have also wished him well in his future endeavors.


One fan, Kweku Senior, commented: “Senior man KWAME YOGOT, I know it’s because of some challenges you have gone through and some years ago and now you’re still facing the challenges again. All I can tell you is that there’s much time there for you to sit and think about how Kwame, you suffered before being well known. I don’t know but I can say it’s this music career that helps you to even feed, please don’t quit.”

Kwame Yogot’s decision to retire from music has come as a surprise to many. While the reasons for his departure remain somewhat unclear, it is evident that he has lost the passion that once fueled his creativity. It remains to be seen whether he will ultimately return to music, but for now, the Ghanaian music scene has lost a talented artist at the peak of his career.


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