Jack Grealish Signs Seven-Figure Deal with Pepsi

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Jack Grealish, the English footballer who plays as a winger for Manchester City and the England national team, has signed a seven-figure deal with Pepsi to front their new advertising campaign. Grealish will appear in the campaign alongside former footballer and actor Vinnie Jones.

According to sources, the deal is worth over £1 million and will see Grealish and Jones star in a new advertising campaign for Pepsi. The campaign is scheduled to be released later this year.

Both Grealish and Jones have already filmed their parts for the advertisement. The advert is said to be “really fun” and will feature the two footballers interacting with each other.

This deal is a significant milestone in Grealish’s career, as it marks his first major endorsement deal with a global brand. Grealish is one of the most marketable footballers in the world, and Pepsi is hoping to capitalize on his popularity and appeal to a wide audience.

Grealish and Jones are following in the footsteps of other football legends who have starred in Pepsi advertising campaigns, such as David Beckham and Lionel Messi. This deal further cements Grealish’s status as one of the most recognizable and marketable footballers in the world.

The Pepsi deal is expected to have a positive impact on Grealish’s career. It will increase his visibility and appeal to fans and brands alike. The deal will also provide Grealish with a significant financial boost.

Jack Grealish’s seven-figure deal with Pepsi is a testament to his status as one of the most marketable footballers in the world. The deal will further increase his visibility and appeal, and is expected to have a positive impact on his career.

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