Illegal Cocoa Bean Smuggling Operation Thwarted at Kpando Torkor: GIS Steps Up Border Protection Efforts

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An incident of significant importance occurred at Kpando Torkor in the Volta Region, where the Kpando Municipal Command of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) intercepted three trucks suspected of smuggling cocoa beans.

Interception of Smuggled Cocoa Beans:
The Kpando Municipal Command of the GIS intercepted three trucks loaded with cocoa beans at Kpando Torkor in the Volta Region. The registration numbers of the vehicles involved in the operation were identified as GE 1782-U, AS 7907-22, and GT 5932-12. The interception took place between 0040 and 0400 hours on Friday, April 12, highlighting a coordinated effort by the GIS to curb illicit smuggling activities in the region.

Operational Details and Arrests:
Superintendent Michael Amoako-Atta, Head of Public Affairs at the GIS, disclosed that the Officer-in-Charge of the GIS in the Kpando Municipal Command, Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI) Peter Austin Hall, led a team of officers to Kpando Torkor based on intelligence received. The officers observed a boat suspected to be carrying bags of cocoa beans from the Afram Plains, unloading its contents into the waiting trucks near the landing site for smuggling through an unauthorized route at Wli to Togo. Three suspects – Wahab Abdulai, Nicholas Agbesi, and Fodume, all aged 42 – were apprehended in connection with the smuggling operation.

Legal Actions and Collaboration:
Following the arrests, Superintendent Amoako-Atta confirmed that the suspects and the trucks transporting the illicit goods had been handed over to the Kpando Police for further investigation and legal proceedings. He emphasized the GIS’s commitment to border protection and the prevention of cross-border crimes, acknowledging the crucial role of border residents and the public in providing valuable information for successful operations.

Community Engagement and Security Measures:
Superintendent Amoako-Atta commended the collaboration between border residents and the GIS, highlighting the importance of continuous cooperation through information-sharing to combat illegal activities along the borders. He encouraged citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious individuals or activities to the GIS and other security agencies, aligning with the “See Something, Say Something” campaign aimed at enhancing public safety and security.

The interception of truckloads of smuggled cocoa beans at Kpando Torkor underscores the ongoing efforts of the Ghana Immigration Service to safeguard national borders and combat illicit cross-border activities. The swift action taken by GIS officers, the arrests made, and the collaboration with local communities highlight the importance of proactive measures in maintaining border security and preventing smuggling incidents. By fostering public engagement and encouraging vigilance among citizens, authorities aim to create a safer environment and deter criminal activities that threaten national interests and economic stability.

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