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Even if a school does everything right, only a small number of people in that environment may hear about it if the needful is not done.

However, the following among many will help get your school’s stimulating efforts to a good start:

1. Create a positive first impression.

What do first-time visitors see when they walk through your school premises? Do they see tidy premises, discover enough signage to find their way around the school, or find helpful staff at the front desk? When people call to make inquiries, what kind of message do they hear from your front desk? Do they get the prompt, courteous help they hope to receive?

Your front desk should be proactive on feedback, follow-up, etc.

2. Publicize your star and measure up students.

Some schools have students who do exceptionally well in academics, sports, or art, and mentioning them in your school publications will inspire people in the environment to begin to think of sending their children to your school. Your measuring up students should not be neglected as well. You have evidence and report of their improvement, then surprise them through your weekly or monthly publications. You have just ignited the fire for a more impressive performance. These students make your school look good.

3. Befriend the media.

Since social media is always looking for good stories, you could keep the media busy with updates on your school’s academic weekly.

Presentations, inter-school sports, debates, or upgraded facilities through your school’s ICT or media personnel.

Run an active Facebook, Twitter page every week without waiting until admission term. Put your media team to work and network.

Finance your media for distance publications.

The truth is, parents, relocate daily to a new environment, and children clock in the new age as well. Don’t always wait till the end of the third term.

4. Focus on your marketing message.

What is your school’s marketing message? Is it to help struggling students get up to speed, develop athletic, write International exams, or improve character and discipline?

Perhaps, your school does all these things and more, but choose one thing that your school does well and make that the focal point of your weekly marketing message in all your promotions. Also, use social media marketing to get the message out weekly.

5. Create a welcome package for new students.

What do parents and new students get after they enrol? Perhaps, a folder with a prospectus, outlining important information about the school, important dates for special occasions, or an outline of all extracurricular activities.

You may even want to consider a free student’s notepad and mathematical set for your primary/ Junior secondary and a scientific calculator for your Senior Secondary. Have a working template that can be restructured if need be.

6. Make your entrance exam Computer Based Test (CBT) based

Strengthen your ICT department financially to produce simple software that will drive your entrance exam. Kick out analog and be digitally certified.

Be a moving institution, for many to emulate.




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