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This paper concerns life on Earth and beyond. Most of the time we quietly sit down and soliloquy within ourselves to find answers to some intriguing questions like, “why am I in this world at all?” and “where do I go from here (earth)?” If you are such a person then you are at the right place at the right time. Before the ball is set rolling, the writer wishes to let readers understand that this paper is not based on a particular culture but on a personal experience.

What is destiny?

Destiny is a noun from the verb ‘destine’ and for the same noun ‘destination’. Destination is the place to which someone or something is going. To destine means to decree beforehand. Destiny in Asante Twi is “hyɛ brɛ” or “nkrabea”. The “hyɛ brɛ” consists of two words “hyɛ” which means to instruct someone to do something, and “brɛ” which means time/period. The “nkrabea” also consists of two words “nkra” which means a farewell message or message given to someone to be delivered to another, and “bea” which means a place/situation. So, destiny in Asante Twi means the instructions given to someone to undertake a certain task within a given period of time on earth. Ewe names like Senyo, Selasi, Sedem, Sena, Selorm, etc. — all names that are derived from Se, the Ewe word for destiny or God. Also, each person has a unique Se that existed before their birth and pre-determined their life path, flaws, strengths, and more. If a person’s destiny is aligned properly, the person’s life is generally successful. A popular Ewe song says: “The work of Se is not easy. To have a good spouse is due to your Se. To be beautiful or handsome is due to your Se. To have good children is due to your Se. To be wealthy is due to your Se. To be intelligent is due to your Se” (Sena Voncujovi, 2021).

To answer the concept of destiny void of other beliefs, one should keep in mind that the human soul and talent are the central theme. Destiny is the mission a soul is created to accomplish in a human body. The originator and creator of the soul, through his spirits, determines the destiny of every soul. For the purpose of this paper, permit me to use the name “God” to describe the creator of the soul. Destiny has a beginning and an end, but the human soul (image of God) is immortal like its creator and has power (talent) in it. Destiny determines the amount of talent needed to achieve its purpose. The talents are the various powers of God that have been distributed to each soul according to his destiny (work).

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