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Fontanelle refers to the soft spots on a baby’s head where the skull bones have not yet fused together. These spots are made up of connective tissue and allow for the growth and expansion of the skull as the baby’s brain grows. Fontanelles are important for the baby’s delivery during childbirth and also for the development of the brain.


We often hear mothers say my baby head is beating, my baby head is hot,my baby has fever, my baby cannot eat,so some mothers will go and see a pediatrician and others will go to traditional doctors.

From birth until 2months,the baby fontanelle is not active.It is from the 3rd month that some baby head starts to beat,and in some it will be up to nine month that it will stop beating.For others, it is up to 1 or 2 years.
Generally it is a problem when the babies fontanalle is slow to close,consequently the baby may have a big head.How to know the baby is suffering from fontanelle?in some babies,after feeding,they vomit ,others have diarrhea with high fever .There is a simple way to treat this.


On the fontanelle,vegetable oil, or animal oil is applied.
2)One can apply breast milk on the beating part
3)Crush the young fresh fruits of okra and apply there
4)Crush fresh ginger and apply on the head These methods help babies a lot.


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