How do you become a puzzle for her to solve?

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1. Prioritize yourself. Work on yourself. Spend fun times enjoying hobbies and hanging out with your friends. Be a little selfish sometimes and learn to be happy alone.

2. Reduce the attention you give her. If you call her 4 times a day, make it 2, and call at random times. Intentionally miss her calls and return them hours later. Let her know you’ve got other things going on in your life.

3. Be mysterious. Men in love talk too much. About their goals and how different or exciting they are. All these makes you boring over time. Reserve and preserve those info. Talk less, and don’t be an “open book” where she knows everything about you.

4. Keep options. Note, keep options here doesn’t mean sleep around. No. But talk more with other women. Let her know she’s not the only woman in your life. You’re not doing it to make her jealous, but the bitter truth is that, women crave you more when other women are interested in spending time around you or having you. This step is very important and will change how she sees you, trust me.

5. Be disagreeable: When a man loves a woman, he doesn’t want to do or say something to hurt her feelings. But those are the men who get jilted or cheated on the most.
When she realizes you’re trying to please her, she sees you as weak. A man who has his own opinions and values, and won’t bend them to make her happy; A man who is proud to say what he believes to be true (of course not including insults) and stick with it, whether she’s happy with that or not; that is the man she gets “wet” for and madly in love with. He’s so domineering without being intimidating that almost every woman automatically becomes submissive under his presence. It’s not a talent. It’s a skill and you can learn that too.

6. Give her space to miss you. Similar to #2 above, you need to force yourself to not be around her so much. You think it will keep your bond, but she’d be bored seeing you every time in no time. Get busy with life. Let her miss you sometimes.

7. Always keep improving. But do it in silence. Don’t tell her you’re registering for a gym. Go register, and let her find out herself by how much you’ve changed physically and mentally. Go do that thing you dream of and let her see the results herself. Every time she visits you, she must see something change in or around you.

8. Stop telling her “I love you”. Stop telling her “you’re my queen” and “you’re beautiful” every damn time. She may be “your world” . She may be  “the only woman in your life”. Though that’s crazy, but don’t tell her about it. The more frequent these words are, the less value they carry over time. Let them be  a “reward” to her. Once in a while, sparingly she does something you like, you say, “that’s my cute princess”. It does two things this way: encourages her to do more of that which she did and also she values those words because you don’t throw them around easily.

9. Never argue with her. But never agree to everything too (#5). Arguing is an emotional thread, a game you can’t win with her. Tell her your view and your thoughts and shut up. The more she knows you’re into her, the more she’d intentionally cause stupid arguments to  reaffirm your love for her. Women are weird, trust me.

10. Set boundaries and stick with them. Be very firm to let her know you love her but you love yourself more and won’t tolerate everything she throws at you. If you don’t pick calls after 10pm, she should not break it because you love her. If you don’t entertain disrespect, she should not be excused from that.


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