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1. Women are drawn to men who are handy and can handle basic fixes without assistance.

2. Maintaining strong eye contact is a valuable skill as it indicates the importance of the person you’re conversing with. Research shows that prolonged eye contact can evoke feelings of increased love.

3. Speaking with passion is incredibly attractive. Passionate men exude determination and confidence, showing that they know what they want and won’t let anything stop them.

4. Good grooming is key. Keep your nails clean and short, and ensure your hands and feet are well-maintained. Smelling pleasant or at least having no bad body odour is also important.

5. Certain actions can enhance your appeal, such as rolling up your sleeves on a buttoned-up shirt, running your fingers through your hair, and being good with kids.

6. Reading is attractive. Continuously seek knowledge and experience through books, news, magazines, journals, and blogs. Never stop reading!

7. Women find funny men irresistible. Interestingly, having a good sense of humour is preferred even over physical attractiveness.

8. Doing something fearless and badass sets you apart from the majority of men. Taking risks and displaying confidence can be highly attractive.

What are some other qualities or habits you think attract women? Do you have any personal experiences or stories related to attracting someone you’re interested in?

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