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Hon. Ignatius kwasi Afrifa, Managing Director of HASS Logistics Ghana Limited and an aspiring NPP Parliamentary candidate for Wassa Amenfi West Municipality has shared his personal experiences with members of Wassa Amenfi Student Association (WASU) at the University of Education, Winneba during their second general meeting.

Interacting with the students on April 1 2023, Hon Afrifa disclosed that it was a great opportunity to have joined the second general meeting of the Wassa Students Association of the University of Education at winneba and to share his personal journey and experiences with future leaders of Wasa Amenfi West.

The renowned politician who is also a tycoon spoke about Personality and career development which are crucial components of any successful journey. These life experiences according to him are what will shape the individual to take up the baton of leadership in business, economy and politics. Additionally, he spoke about mindset which to him is crucial to career choices. “Having a positive mindset, particularly not to make one’s circumstances of birth weigh them down is of paramount importance to achieving success”, he added.

He challenged the students to work hard and be smart to be ready to take on the baton of leadership as so much is expected from them, being the privileged ones from Wassa, a deprived area of course with the opportunity to have tertiary education.

He further added that he is poised to contribute, identify and encourage talents that will emerge in various institutions, and empower them to achieve their goals.

Dr. Adwoa Poku Afriyie, patroness of the Wassa amenfi students association presented a citation on behalf of the association and praised Hon. Afrifa for his immense contribution and service to wassa amenfi.



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