He called me from Asankrangwa, sent 80 cedis for transportation and impregnated me. A young lady narrates

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A young lady who narrated her story to Mama Efe, host of “Obra show” on Nhyira TV has made some interesting revelations which have got many people talking. According to the young lady, someone from Asankrangwa in the Western Region called her. It was a wrong call, but the guy pestered the girl with calls and promised to get a phone for her. Finally, the guy was able to invite the girl with importunity. The guy sent a transportation fee of 80 Ghana cedis to her on Friday and she left Apemso in Kumasi for Asankrangwa on Saturday. She boarded the car at the Kumasi Central Market. The guy picked her up with a motorbike at a station in Asankrangwa. On the way to the guy’s house, the guy showed the girl a mechanic shop where he (the guy) works.

When they got home, the guy introduced her to his parents that she was the girl he wanted to be with.
According to the girl, the guy had a TV and a refrigerator in his room but had no chairs so she sat on the bed.

She told the guy that she will be leaving on Sunday but the guy convinced her that it wasn’t safe to travel on Sunday according to the belief in their area. So she left Asankrangwa on Tuesday.

In a week, the guy called her to visit him again. This time he told the girl to pay for the transportation charges to Asankrangwa so that he will give it back to her when she arrives in Asankrangwa.

When she got to Asankrangwa the second time, the guy did not send her to his house, but rather to a hotel with the excuse that his uncle was around. The guy woke up early in the morning and left the hotel without informing the girl. The guy later called the girl on phone and told her to leave the hotel, or else she would have to pay for any extra cost at the hotel. The guy had put 70 cedis on the table in the hotel room so she took it and left Asankrangwa for Kumasi.

When she got to Kumasi, she wasn’t feeling fine so she decided to go for a pregnancy test and the result was positive.


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