Fallen Trees Damage Vehicles at Airport Landing Restaurant Amidst Heavy Rains

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On Monday, May 6, heavy rains caused multiple trees to fall in the vicinity of the Landing Restaurant at the airport.

The fallen trees caused significant damage to parked vehicles in the area. Several cars were crushed or had their windows shattered by the weight of the trees.

Emergency crews were dispatched to the scene to clear the trees and assess the damage. The area has been cordoned off for safety reasons while cleanup operations are underway.

The fallen trees have temporarily disrupted operations at the Landing Restaurant.

The heavy rains likely weakened the soil around the trees, making them more susceptible to falling. The exact cause of the falls is still under investigation.

The fallen trees at the Airport Landing Restaurant have caused significant damage to vehicles and disrupted restaurant operations. Emergency crews are working to clear the area and repair the damage. The incident highlights the importance of proper tree maintenance and the potential risks associated with heavy rainfall.


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