“Empowering Financial Growth: Ebenezer Mensah Takes the Helm at ILMG GHANA LTD”

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Ebenezer Mensah has been appointed as a sales manager at ILMG GHANA LTD, a financial sales consultancy firm registered in Ghana since 2014. The company specializes in providing sales support services to institutions that require assistance in increasing revenue. Their main focus is selling loans to government workers on the CAGD payroll, which includes civil servants and public servants. They also work with prestigious commercial banks, rural banks, and savings and loans institutions.

As the newly appointed sales manager, Ebenezer Mensah is responsible for increasing sales and expanding the company’s revenue. He is aiming to reach over 50% of the total number of employees on the CAGD payroll. In an interview in Accra, he expressed excitement about his new position and thanked the company’s management for their trust in him. He has set short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals to achieve the expansion of the company’s client base.

Ebenezer Mensah believes in providing solutions to clients rather than just selling loans. He is implementing a 24-hour customer support scheme to address customer concerns. He is also in the process of recruiting sales executives who will be responsible for direct sales across the country. The company currently has offices in Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, and Navrongo, and aims to serve clients all across Ghana.

One of Ebenezer Mensah’s priorities is to train his sales team and provide opportunities for further education and training in prestigious institutions in Ghana. He has already recruited over 20 new marketers to work under him. He assures clients that his company offers loan products with affordable rates and convenient repayment options, with no service charges or fees. He encourages all government workers, including nurses, doctors, and teachers, to reach out to ILMG GHANA LTD for all their loan needs.

For loan assistance, you can call or WhatsApp 0507768226/0550076825 for a swift response. You can also reach out to Ebenezer Mensah via email at ekmensah024@outlook.com.




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