Elphis Pub Closes Down As CEO, Frank Nana Akomani (Onasis) Departs Over Harsh Treatment

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In an unexpected event, the CEO of Elphis Pub, Frank Nana Akomani, popularly called Nana Bailout or Onasis, has announced his departure from Elphis Pub. In a heartfelt statement, Mr. Akomani expressed his deep sadness and disappointment in having to make this decision due to unexpected circumstances.

Mr. Akomani made it clear that he is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of Elphis Pub and has distanced himself from any association with the establishment. This decision, he emphasized, was not an easy one, as Elphis Pub held a special place in his heart, extending beyond a mere business venture but as a beloved part of the community.

Elphis Pub, nestled in the enchanting night market of Asankrangwa, has served as a gathering place for people to come together, share laughter, enjoy music, and forge lasting connections. The success of the pub has been attributed to the unwavering support and loyalty of its customers, who have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The liveliness of Elphis Pub, with its soulful music performances and genuine camaraderie, has generated countless unforgettable memories. Unfortunately, the harsh reality compelled Mr. Akomani to announce the temporary closure of Elphis Pub until further notice-a decision that adds to the profound disappointment he currently carries. With his departure, the pub will remain closed for the time being.

Mr. Akomani expressed his deepest gratitude to each and every customer who has contributed to the success of Elphis Pub. He also extended his thanks to the suppliers, promoters, and partners for their steadfast support. The weight of disappointment in having to make this announcement was palpable in his statement.

While Elphis Pub experiences an unexpected hiatus, Mr. Akomani hopes that the positive memories and experiences will endure, serving as a testament to the vibrant spirit of the community. He earnestly urges the valued customers to continue supporting local businesses and create new memories in other establishments.

In conclusion, Mr. Akomani expressed his profound disappointment and sincere hope that, under brighter circumstances, paths will cross again with the customers who have been an integral part of the Elphis Pub journey.


Full statement from Frank Nana Akomani, Former CEO of Elphis Pub



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